Give a compliment or express your dissatisfaction

The doctors and staff members of the GZA hospitals would like to offer you, as a patient, the best care and services available. There are occasions when something doesn’t happen as expected and this may result in a feeling of dissatisfaction. It’s important to report this to the care provider as soon as possible, preferably at the time that the complaint arises. You also have the right to express your dissatisfaction to our internal mediation service (ombudsperson).

We also encourage you to let us know when you are satisfied with the care provided.

What does the mediation service (the ombudsperson) do?

The mediators operate from a neutral position within our hospitals. They mediate between patients and care providers, listening to all involved parties and attempting to reach a consensus. The mediators (ombudspersons) do not give a judgement, but try to restore communication. 


You can express your dissatisfaction about any aspect of your care and provided services, including the information provided about participation, about the treatment given by the care provider, about your care and/or treatment, about your comfort during your stay, about waiting times during a consultation, etc.

Reporting of a medical incident

You can also report a medical incident. ‘Medical incident’ is understood to include any time there is a medical error suspected or an inordinate complication due to the treatment administered by the care providers.

First talk with the person involved

Experience teaches that dissatisfaction is often based on a misunderstanding. This is why it’s important that you first talk to the care provider involved or the person who is responsible. A good talk can clarify a lot. If a discussion does not lead to a satisfying result or if a discussion is simply not possible, you can contact the mediation service (ombudsperson).

Would you like to report a (medical) incident or complaint, or do you have a suggestion or a compliment?

You can reach the mediation service (ombudsperson) in the following ways:

  • Personal contact
    •    By telephone
    •    Via a written letter
    •    Using the online form

After they have familiarised themselves with your complaint, the mediation service will give you a confirmation of receipt (verbally and/or in writing). The mediator will speak to the care providers involved, possibly even bringing the parties together, and will attempt to give you an answer and to respond to your expectations. All legal specifications apply (privacy laws, professional confidentiality, the laws relating to patient rights, etc.), as well as internal regulations and procedures for GZA Hospitals. 

How do you reach the mediation service?

By telephone or email

Ellen Vandezande tel.: +32 (0)3 283 10 65 - ellen.vandezande(at)

In person, preferably with an appointment
Alexandra Vanvooren
campus Sint-Augustinus: Monday 10am–4pm, Tuesday 10am–1pm, Wednesday 10am–1pm and Thursday 1pm–5pm.
Follow Route 412, first floor.

Ellen Vandezande
campus Sint-Vincentius: Tuesday 10am–1pm, Wednesday 1pm–5pm and Friday 10am–4pm.
Follow Route 4, ground floor.
campus Sint-Jozef: Thursday 10 am–1pm.
Report to Reception when you arrive.

Permanent staff members linked to the mediation service: Esther Franssen.