Patient rights

Your rights as a patient

What can you expect from us?

As a patient, you have a number of legal rights. We are happy to go over these with you in order to satisfy your expectations for warm, high-quality care.

You have the following rights:

  1. The right to high-quality services. (More info)
  2. The right to freely choose a care provider. (More info)
  3. The right to be informed about the state of your health and its evolution. (More info)
  4. The right to be informed, free of charge, prior to any intervention by the healthcare provider. (More info)
  5. The right to a carefully maintained patient record, with the possibility of examining and copying it. (More info)
  6. The right to assistance and representation from a confidential advisor. (More info)
  7. The right to protection of your privacy. (More info)
  8. The right to pain treatment and religious care. (More info)
  9. The right to mediation of complaints. (More info)

The ‘e-Health platform’ makes the secure, electronic exchange of data possible when you, as a patient, register your consent for its use. More information. More info.

What do we expect from you and your visitors?


  • Inform and help your care providers
    Always give the most complete information possible about your health and your use of medication, and work to the best extent possible to assist your treatment. If you are unable to attend an appointment, please let us know in advance so that other patients can be helped in your place.
  • Respect the visiting hours and the peaceful atmosphere in the hospital
    Rest is the best healer. As we would like our patients to recover as quickly as possible, we ask you (and your visitors) to help maintain the peaceful atmosphere in our hospital. We open our nursing departments to visitors between 2pm and 8pm. The time before and after this is reserved for our patients to rest and receive medical care. If you are thinking of visiting outside the regular visiting hours, we ask you to first discuss your plans with the head nurse. Special regulations apply for visiting patients who are receiving certain services such as intensive care. You’ll find these regulations at the entry to the specific service or on our website.
  • Smoke in designated smoking areas
    There is no smoking allowed in the hospital, except for in specially designated areas.
  • Use your mobile phone only where it’s allowed
    You’re as accessible by mobile within the walls of our hospital as you are outside. However, for some services that require sensitive apparatus, we do ask you to turn off your mobile phone. These services have the ‘No mobile phones’ pictogram at their entrances.
  • Be careful of the environment and equipment
    Please take care of equipment in the hospital. Don’t knock any of the equipment about and be sure to throw waste in the garbage. We also ask you to leave valuables at home as the hospital is unable to guarantee their safety.
  • Take care of each other
    A hospital environment sometimes causes tension and stress. It’s important that we remain calm and show respect and consideration for each other, particularly in these circumstances. Words can do damage too.