Oncologie (Kanker - Gezwelziekten): Facilities

Equipment CTO

CTO is located in a secure area of the Oncology Centre and is equipped with

  • Secure work areas for staff members
  • Two monitor rooms with the necessary IT facilities
  • A separate meeting room
  • A patient room equipped with, among other things, ECG equipment, blood pressure meter and scales
  • Dedicated laboratory facility  equipped with for biosampling:
    • LAF cabinet
    • A range of different centrifuges
  • A temperature monitored room (accessible only to authorized staff) for the storage of lab material
  • A room (accessible only to authorized staff) for the storage of study documents
  • A cold room (-80 °C, -20 °C, 2-8 °C) with permanent temperature control, alarm, back-up and on-call system.

In addition, CTO collaborates intensively with the oncological day care hospital and nursing unit D11. This ward has two dedicated phase I chambers for overnight stay. These patient rooms are equipped with the necessary monitoring facilities. The equipment is maintained in accordance with the requirements and the internal maintenance plan and calibrated whenever necessary. Certificates are available. In addition, CTO can rely on the knowledge and resources of the hospital.


There is an extensive collaboration with the hospital pharmacy. The pharmacy is responsible for the transport, storage and preparation of medicines. The hospital works with dedicated study pharmacists.

Contact study pharmacist

Pharmacist clinical trials: Kathleen Wens

- tel. 03 443 30 72

- e-mail: apotheekstudies.sa@gza.be

Bank details

  • Account owner: GZA Hospitals Sint-Augustinus campus
  • IBAN: BE82 403-4024331-68
  • Address: KBC Bank, Rucaplein 492, 2610 Wilrijk
  • VAT number: BE0428.651.017

Other services

Agreements with other services (except pharmacy) are always made via CTO.

CTO has concluded a service level agreement with the following services: